Monthly Archives: December 2015

Install Oracle JDK 1.8

Overview The easiest way to install JDK 1.8 is to use the PPA (Personal Package Archive) provided by – see resources 1. Procedure To install package using PPA, “add-apt-repository” is required. If add-apt-repository is not already installed, install “software-properties-common” package first – which included add-apt-repository >apt-get install python-software-properties Add the WebUpd8 Oracle Java PPA… Read More »

Cannot ssh as root user

Debian disables root ssh access by default due to security risk. In general, it is not a good idea to enable root ssh but if you must, edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change PermitRootLogin without-password (without-password is misleading – it actually means password authentication is disabled for root) to PermitRootLogin yes See Ubuntu sshd_config man page for… Read More »

Virtualbox – Debian VM Installation Issues

Virtual machine (VM) is handy for testing out configuration changes to Debian before applying to physical machine. If you have a powerful desktop / laptop, you may even be able to create a Debian VM as a development workstation or test server. The VM setup and Debian installation is straight forward. A lot of resources… Read More »

Install Xfce

Background This is part of my efforts to enable remote development using Aptana Studio. The machine already has Debian installed without any desktop. Commands Small installation >apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies Or full installation >apt-get install xfce4-* When installation completed, run the following command to to start Xfce >startx You should see desktop similar to this… Read More »

TightVNC – cannot copy and paste from client to Windows 10

Background Server OS – Debian After installing Xfce on Debian server and confirmed working, TightVNC Server is installed. Client  – Windows 10 Professional running TightVNC Client. Issue – cannot copy and paste from TightVNC Client to Windows 10. Troubleshooting Checked the log file (~./vnc/machine:1.log) generated after vncserver started and found the following two errors xrdb:… Read More »